Nursin' SMART Natural Nipple 2 Pack - Stage 1 Baby Stuff



Nursin' SMART Natural Nipple 2 Pack - Stage 1 Baby Stuff


Get the closest nurser out there to the natural nipple with our Nursin’ SMART™ Natural Nipple - Stage 1. Designed and made the highest quality medical grade silicone, imported from Germany, and precisely manufactured in South Korea with attention to detail. Developed by a group of pediatric specialists in 2004 Innobaby’s Nursin’ SMART™ Grow-with-Me Silicone Nursing System for the perfect supplementary feeding to resolve those feeding troubles during the infant to toddler years. It is noticeably soft, naturally elastic and unique feel. Nursin’ SMART™ w/ Stage 1 Natural Nipple is good for babies and the environment. Safe, natural, and flexible, Nursin’ SMART™ Grow-with-Me Silicone Nursing System is a SMART alternative to glass or plastic bottles

Natural Nipple 2 Pack Includes:
  • Two Stage 1 Natural Nipple (recommended for 0-3 months)

Responds To Bottle Feeding and Breast Feeding Challenges with Our Baby Stuff

  • Natural Nipple is round, soft and replicates the areola.  During feeding, both nipple and areola stretch together, promoting a correct latch on and having a baby to experience a similar feel as if they would in breastfeeding.
  • Holes on the nipples are placed off centered. This is to mimic the natural breastfeeding experience in which the milk is released in various angles, not in a straight line.
  • A baby must give extra suckling motion and pressure to start the milk flow as if they would in actual breastfeeding.  Therefore, a baby would never respond to the milk flow but they would always be in control.  Also, the benefit of extra jaw movement/exercise encourages healthy oral development.
  • The shape, the length, and the softness of the nipple is designed to avoid “bottle feeding tongue”; therefore, prevents nipple confusion and prevents babies from inhaling extra air during feeding (with correct latch on).   

 Highest Quality Material

  • 100% pure medical grade silicone / LSR (liquid silicone rubber)
  • All silicone parts are free of all petroleum based chemicals
  • Nonporous material does not harbor bacteria
  • Silicone parts will not deform even with extended use & sterilization
  • Bisphenol-A free, phthalates free, pvc free, lead free

 Economical Choice

  • Grow-with-Me system allows for extended use through toddler years
  • Single bottle with multiple uses
  • Moms can reuse bottle system for every child 

Praised by Moms

“This is truly God sent.”  I’m definitely recommending your bottles to my friends.”

 Babies will more likely to take our bottle due to the softness and flexibility which resembles breastfeeding experience.   This bottle is an answer to breast feeding mothers who are faced with babies refusing to drink from any ordinary bottle.  

“My baby is finally eating better through the bottle.  I love this system”   

”With specially designed Natural Nipple that requires same suckling motion that a breastfeeding requires, babies can control the liquid flow rather than reacting to it. Therefore, they will less likely to spit up and drink easier at their own speed, causing a much happier baby. 

“I have been looking for a training cup like this!”