Paper Fleece Liner Roll - 100 sheets - Baby Stuff



Paper Fleece Liner Roll - 100 sheets - Baby Stuff


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The Paper Fleece Liners are made of wood pulp: highly tear-resistant paper. By adding the paper fleece liner to the diaper cotton liners you will be sure to keep the diaper cleaner and that it will pick up solids. Cellulose liner is used and then easily discarded by flushing it away. Great baby stuff.

100 sheets per roll, sheet 36 x 16 cm

Made in Germany


What Disana Diaper System Includes:


1. Organic Cotton Knitted Diaper: Soft organic cotton flat diaper with ties that easily wraps and ties on the baby without pins or Velcro. One size fits babies from birth to potty. Use these with the Brushed Cotton Liners as a booster pad and a Knitted Wool Diaper Cover.

2. Brushed Cotton Liners: Beautifully soft square of brushed cotton that is folded into a narrow strip and used as an absorbent pad inside the diaper. Use these as a folded pad inside the Knitted Tie on Diaper. 

3. Merino Wool Diaper Cover: Soft absorbent and leak proof wool diaper cover that goes over the diaper allowing the skin to breathe. Brilliant overnight, contains wee and doesn't smell in the morning like many other diaper covers.

4. Muslin Diaper / Liner: Squares of double thickness muslin cloth in organic cotton that are super absorbent as newborn flat diapers or as a very absorbent liner, especially good for night use as a booster for the diaper. Use these as a flat diaper or as an extra pad on top of the brushed cotton liner for heavy wetters or overnight. 

5. Raw Silk Liners - organic silk liners for sensitive bottoms and to help clear up any instances of diaper rash, soft and cooling to the skin. Use these on top of the brushed cotton liner as a soothing cloth against the baby's skin.

6. Organic Fitted Diaper - an organic cotton shaped diaper that is sized to fit with velcro fastener and elastic leg bands (S, M, L). Use these with a folded Brushed Cotton Liner or Muslin diaper square. Especially good for outings made up ready to go with the liner inside.


How Disana Diaper System Works:

Step 1: Lay out diaper and liner as shown - fold the diaper at the ties with the narrow half on top of wider half with ties at the front. Place the brushed cotton liner folded in thirds on top of the nappy. If your baby is very small you can adjust the length of the nappy by folding in the wider end


Step 2: Lay the baby on the diaper as shown with belly button in line with the top of the nappy


Step 3: Pull up the liner between the legs, then fold the two wider sides of the diaper into the middle around the hips


Step 4: Pull up the lower flap with the ties between the legs and cross the ties of the diaper around the baby's back bringing them to the front. 


Step 5: Tie up in a bow. By folding the top flap you can adjust the size of the diaper if need be. The fine knitted fabric give the diaper a comfortable elasticity so that it fits snugly but the baby is not restricted.



Step 6: The woolen diaper cover is then pulled over the diaper. The soft ribbing around the waist and legs hold the pants firmly but gently in place. 

After a couple of diaper changes this will all soon become second nature. It really is a very simple diaper to use.

When diaper is wet or soiled:

  • Remove wool cover and hang up to air
  • Remove any solids into the toilet and place cotton diaper and liner in a mesh laundry bag or inside a diaper bucket

  • When you have a full load, place laundry bag in washing machine and wash at 60 degrees
  • Washing in a laundry bags keeps ties from tangling around other clothes in the machine. Diapers can be washed with other clothes, you don't have to do a separate load for diapers only
  • The Disana diapers dry very quickly and are easy to hang up without pegs
  • Use natural detergent
  • Only use a wool shampoo on wool or silk fibers.